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Good Earth cotton is grown in Moree in the world’s first climate-positive, traceable cotton program.


Eyelet fabric is woven in Australia for us.

Dyed in Melbourne.

Cut and sewn in Sydney. 

100% Australian Made. 

Mens Polos —

Womens Polos —


Good Earth Cotton is the world’s first climate-positive, traceable cotton program.  

The program involves modern regenerative farming practices and principles that focus on elevating the role of the farmer and agronomist to achieve climate-positive outcomes for the global textile industry. In order to achieve this the Good Earth program requires all participating farms to report annually on their primary data, showcasing impact at a farm by farm level. This is a third-party audited report.

The Good Earth Cotton farm is measured against the Carbon Friendly methodology (download here) which has been built on the Global Greenhouse Gas Protocol and uses carbon as a single indicator. The methodology measures soil carbon, water, energy, fertilizer, fuel, aviation gas, pesticides, biodiversity, and any livestock holdings on the farm. The methodology has also been reviewed by Control Union.

Good Earth Cotton is currently grown across two properties in Australia, and we have two additional farms in Australia finalising their climate-positive and regenerative status presently with the intent of joining the program in 2023.

Finally, it is important to remember Good Earth Cotton is not standard.

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